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BOGN744FN4This SPR fixes an issue where a user would drag and drop a component onto a portal server application and a server task would execute during the...
BOGN776E2MRemoved an unnecessary warning that was displayed when editing a local application while Notes is in offline mode.
BOGN76GFKLFixed an issue where a blank page in CAE would display with a message and a warning icon, making it look like something was wrong. This fix changes...
KORN752D9SFixed an issue with Portal applications, where dragging a component off the canvas would cause it to be lost.
KORN72LLBEChanged the closing CAE while editing a template prompt from "Are you finished editing? Yes/No" to "You are about to exit CAE. Would you like to save...
CIMO74CUKUFixed a minor performance issue where CAE was causing all pages to be rebuilt after reopening an application, not just those pages which were...
MGAN74KF3PFixed an issue where pressing Escape would close all pages in the application, and pages could not be reopened.
MQUE724KFEFixed an issue where "Invalid menu extension" messages were appearing in the logs
SCHA72FLTHWhen saving a template as a new template, changed message from "Saved application as template" to "Saved template as new template".
SCHA72FLDZChanged the prompt displayed when finished editing a template from "Are you finished editing? Yes/No" to "Do you wish to save changes to your...
SCHA74YH8GRemoved non-functional Cancel button from "Adding component from portal" progress dialog.
MQUE75WMKVIncorrect data type for operator or @Function: Text expected.
SSZG77884EThis fix prints open database to the status bar.
JLIU78FTZNThis SPR addresses an issue where the user opens a document or sideshelf application in a new window while CAE is open and then tries to close the...
MCAL6UJJ4LAdditional debug logging enabled.
PCHE745VGCWhen there are two Wiring Properties design elements in an NSF, the runtime merge process combines them unsuccessfully if they contain the same...
SCHA77FDQKPrior to this fix, duplicate hotkeys in CA Page Access dialog cause accessibility issues.
KSMH75XQMPFix for a compiler optimization problem in NotesProperty.Publish.
MQUE777M9JWith this submission, users will be able to use the new @GetComponentViewPreference formula in a Notes component without needing a WSDL file in that...
KSRH77TAVDImproved merge WSDLs to better handle the case that one WSDL contains no bindings.
RMGE78BQVTComposite Applications support longer filename for a database containing CA when browsing databases adding NSF component.


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